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I’d really like to think we aren’t as barbaric as people in ancient civilizations who found it entertaining to gather in coliseums to watch humans fight one another or wild animals ’til only one of them were left standing.  What gruesome entertainment!

Thankfully, I’ve not heard anyone dare admit he finds this slaughter entertaining, but I can’t help but make some comparison to the old days of sitting back . . . watching people die.

I spend much of my time thinking that this could be the last hour of my existence.

As I try to fall asleep, I hear on the radio the numbers of people who have died rising by the hour. I wonder if tomorrow morning, I will be part of that body count, part of the next breaking news.

I will be just another number to all those watching the death and destruction in Gaza or maybe the fact that I work for Oxfam will mean that I will be a name and not just a number. I might be talked about for a minute and moments later forgotten, like all those other people who have had their lives taken away from them.

I am not afraid of dying – I know that one day we all must die. But not like this, not sitting idly in my home with my children in my arms waiting for our lives to be taken away. I am disgusted by this injustice.

What is the international community waiting for – to see even more dismembered people and families erased before they act? Time is ticking by and the numbers of dead and injured are increasing. What are they waiting for?

What is happening is against humanity, are we not human?

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