Susanne and Samer are two regular folks from America and Syria who met online on October 9, 2007. We decided to create this blog in order to discuss our different views and, hopefully, reach a better understanding between our cultures. For information on how we met and lessons we learned from the early months of our friendship, see the posts created on September 1 and 2, 2008 or visit our website.


As an electronics engineering major Samer spends much of his time studying for his college classes at Damascus University. Additionally he is busy learning German. He is passionate about sharing the plight of those suffering in the Middle East particularly the Palestinians.

Susanne lives in the southern United States with her husband. She enjoys taking her young nephew to a local McDonald’s where she mingles with other regulars and often meets interesting people. Talking with foreigners is of special interest to her. Though she has always lived in the Carolinas and has never been across any ocean, Susanne believes her love of interacting with foreigners is in her blood as she has several Baptist missionaries in her family. Her grandfather was born in China, her mom in Paris, two uncles in Nigeria, cousins in the Ivory Coast and she has other missionary relatives who have served in Mexico, Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, Thailand and Alaska.