In America animals are treated better than this. We protest when dogs or roosters are used for entertaining fights.

Why aren’t we protesting this more? SAVE THE CHILDREN!

I hear the voices of my friends in Gaza as clearly as if we were still on the phone; their agony echoes inside me. They weep and moan over the death of their children, some, little girls like mine, taken, their bodies burned and destroyed so senselessly. …

As Jews celebrated the last night of Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights commemorating our resurgence as a people, I asked myself: How am I to celebrate my Jewishness while Palestinians are being killed? …

The lucky ones in Gaza are locked in their homes living lives that have long been suspended โ€“ hungry, thirsty, and without light but their children are alive.

Since Nov. 4, when Israel effectively broke the truce with Hamas by attacking Gaza on a scale then unprecedented โ€“ a fact now buried with Gaza’s dead โ€“ the violence has escalated as Hamas responded by sending hundreds of rockets into Israel to kill Israeli civilians. It is reported that Israel’s strategy is to hit Hamas military targets, but explain that difference to my Palestinian friends who must bury their children.

By: Sara Roy in The Christian Science Monitor

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