I read an interesting article earlier today about olive harvest in West Bank:

Jewish settlers have been caught on camera punching and kicking two news photographers and a British woman who was helping Palestinians pick olives near a West Bank town.

The scuffle near the town of Hebron was the latest in a series of incidents blamed on settlers trying to disrupt the annual harvest which provides a livelihood for many Palestinians.

The settlers claim the trees are on Israeli land and the harvest is illegal.

The settlers punched and kicked Abed Hashlamoun, a photographer for the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), leaving a bloody scratch beneath one eye.

They also assaulted his brother, Nayef Hashlamoun, a Reuters photographer.

Janet Benvie, a British activist with Christian Peacemaker Teams, sustained a scratch to her lip after a scuffle with a settler who had grabbed a camera.

Those settlers come to OUR land and forbid us from harvesting its fruits!! Just because our race is different, we have NO RIGHT to live in this land. How can this world ignore this clear racism? How can such racism be covered(If not protected) by the current American administration which is supposed to be the number one defender of human rights in this world? When did Bush say anything against the racist settlers in the Palestinian territories?

Palestine and the Palestinians will be liberated from oppression even if all people supported their oppressors! God will never allow oppression to last!