Recently I heard about an interesting news from Gaza:

GAZA CITY – As most of the rest of the Islamic world welcomes Ramadan with festive treats and family get-togethers, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip wearily brace for another holiday under a crippling blockade.

Israel has sealed off the impoverished territory from all but basic goods since the Islamist Hamas movement seized power in June 2007, and it is during the holidays that weary residents say they feel the sanctions the most.

“Honestly, I don’t even feel like we welcome Ramadan, because year after year things go from bad to worse, with life becoming harder and more expensive,” says Dina, a university student shopping in a Gaza City market.

The Muslim holy month during which the faithful fast from sunup to sundown is normally a festive time of lavish nightly feasts, holiday treats, and family reunions — all of which have become harder for most Gazans to afford.

The Israeli sanctions on Gaza after the bloody Hamas takeover coupled with the rise in world prices have resulted in widespread shortages and sent food and fuel costs soaring.

It really doesn’t matter what we believe in, ALL people have the right to have some happiness and joy in their religious holidays. It is extremely cruel and inhuman to steal joy from people’s hearts during the time when they are supposed to rejoice. What is more shameful is that a Muslim Arab country, which is Egypt, is participating in this evil blockade. Why should all people be punished for the choice they made in their free elections? What good can this bring? Are they going to change their minds when they see they are blackmailed in their children’s food and basic needs?