Last year I decided to make an account on MySpace. None of my acquaintances had an account there, but I had heard about it from some of my online friends and wanted to check it for myself. After creating my account, I browsed some profiles and was surprised to see an American woman writing about the Middle East. Actually it was a nice surprise to see a regular American woman being interested in my part of the world. I thought if that American was really interested in the Middle East then I had a good chance to contact her and explain some of my views. I have always found it exciting to discuss varied issues with foreigners who are different than me in many aspects.


After thinking about it, I decided to send Susanne a short note and then wait to see if she would reply. Two days later  I was reading something on my PC, when I received an e-mail from MySpace. When I opened my mailbox, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Susanne replied to my short note. I was so excited about that and what made me more excited was what she wrote in her short reply. I could feel she was excited to know more about me. I wrote her a reply immediately. Actually on that same day I wrote Susanne two notes and she wrote me three. I think both of us were so thrilled for that great chance!


My views of Americans have been always good. Since I know English, I spend a lot of time watching American shows on TV. In fact, most of what I read in the web is from American websites. It has always saddened me a lot to think that such nice people have many bad ideas about us. Of course I don’t blame them at all because most of what they hear is about our conflicts. That’s why I always feel glad when I have the chance to defend my people and to explain my views.


Susanne not only gave me the chance to talk about my views, but she welcomed me as a friend despite our big differences. She has always understood my ideas and been tolerant of my views as a nationalist Arab and a devout Muslim. Definitely I never expected an American to understand me like Susanne does. She has proven to be a true friend who always tries to cheer me up when she feels I am sad and always feels glad for me when she knows I am happy. Through Susanne, I know that anyone can find a lot of similarities with a person who is supposed to be on an opposite side. Furthermore, anyone can have a great time in befriending that “opposite” person. Life is too short to waste it in fighting over our differences. Why don’t we try to get along for a change?


 “O mankind! We created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is the most righteous.”  Qur’an 49:13